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Key Feature
0xFAST Gaming Keyboard
"Page Up","Home" and "End"---New Key Positions are Specially Placed for Gamers to Easily Access During the Most Intense Game.
Quick 0 Speed Shift Ability---Normal,Accelerate, Speed and Turbo(No Driver Required)
Gamer Friendly Key Postion---One Button Conveniently Switches the Position of the Keys to a Gamer Friendly Position During Game-Play
Change Weapon-In Motion(No Any Conflict)In FPS Game Mode---Player Can Change Weapon(keys 0~4) when using combination direction keys (Strafe)A+S,A+W,S+D and D+W.
Handle Design for Portability
0-Star Waterproof Design---Lets You Keep your Eyes on the Game - Eat,Spill,Sweat or Cry over your Keyboard - No Worries!
No more Clicking Mistake during the Most Exciting Game-Play as the "Windows" Key will be Disabled automatically when the Direction Shift Indicator is On.
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http://www.x7.cn/ Brief Specification http://www.x7.cn/
Package Includes:
0xFast Gaming Keyboard
0 Spare Keycaps
0 Key Puller
User"s Guide
Keyboard Connectors:
Microphone extension port connector
Earphone extension port connector
Extra speaker port
USB extension port connector
PS/2 keyboard connector
http://www.x7.cn/ System Requirements http://www.x7.cn/
http://www.x7.cn/ Outbox Dimension http://www.x7.cn/

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